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This property was due to be demolished by the city after numerous Codes Enforcement violations. I purchased the property, added an additional bedroom and bathroom.



1206 - After 01

Same house but what a difference. We sold it before it was finished and the new homeowner was excited about living in a brand new home. Completely updated Electric, plumbing, HVAC, energy efficient windows and doors, new roof and a huge open space in the living area.


Project 1 - Before 01

This home had burned due to a faulty dryer vent. It had sat idle for several years and was purchased by an investor who realized the project was to large for them and they didn’t have a contractors license, so I bought it.

Project 1 - After 01

I had to cut away a third of the house and rebuild it. It took me 90 days to complete the project. Completely upgraded Electric, HVAC, energy efficient doors and windows, wood cabinets and we re-glazed the the tiled the bathrooms.

Newnan Lake House Before

This cottage was a complete gut, added a bathroom, extended closets and re-finished the wood floors. This place required everything, and for all intent and purposes, it was a new home once we completed the project. We installed energy efficient windows and doors, central HVAC, re-wired, Hardi plank siding. It originally was on a double lot, we sold one lot to the neighbor which paid for most of the remodel.

Newnan Lake House After

This is the finished project. It took 75 days to complete the project. If you want to learn how to flip homes like this, contact Terry.

kitchen before

How bad was the interior? People were actually living in this house. It still had the 1950’s sink and water heater. There were many areas of the floor we had to crawl under the house and shim up to level.

kitchen after

This is the same kitchen area as the above photo. This gives you an idea of what you can do to any home, regardless of it’s current condition.

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