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We are all about assisting you with our Real Estate services;
Sales, Property Management, Tenant Placement and         Community Association Management.


When you need experienced real estate professionals, Contact

Debra Martin-Back, Broker/Owner, C.A.M., 352-316-6842 and let her appoint the agent who will best fill your needs. Or Email her

Start your property search by clicking on the EXIT logo or

text checkthisout to 85377

to see what properties are for sale within 10 miles of your location.


Check out our EXIT technology by texting to 85377;

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Need a place to rent or a property manager to manage your unit? Click on the EXIT Property Management logo to view our current rentals or for more info;

Contact Amy Cole, Property Manager 352-332-6842 and tell her about your property, or email her




Community Association Management

At Martinback Group Real Estate Inc. we manage small to large Condo and Home Owner Associations. We have the latest technology to keep you abreast of your personal unit and your association by offering you an association portal. You will be able to request maintenance, pay your association dues through our online portal and when you have a question about your account, you will be able to talk with a staff member and not have to go through prompts and wait for days for a return call. We offer live in office and Zoom meetings to accommodate your busy schedule.

We limit the number of new accounts we take on so we can onboard and give you the training you need for a comfortable transition.

Contact: Tom Kadel, Community Association Manager, CAM455959

352-647-2540 or 




Considering a real estate career? It starts by getting your license and follow this link to see how easy it is to start your Real Estate Career.  


See why EXIT Realty should be your first choice. 



Not ready to become a Realtor or you need to take a break from the real estate business? Ask Debra Martin-Back about our real estate referral company. No fees and you can still earn commissions, without doing all the work. 



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